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Glued laminated timber, Glulam for short, is a high specification engineered timber product made by gluing together strength graded timber laminations to make up larger sections and distribute the natural defects evenly throughout the volume. The laminations are finger jointed to allow long lengths to be formed. This results in a structural unit of great strength and dimensional stability. Glulam beams can be produced in a range of sectional sizes and are available from Jacksons Timber Ltd in lengths up to 12m.


Glulam beams offer many design performance advantages over conventional timber sections making them ideal for use in domestic and commercial JJI-Joist systems where high load capacity is required. Glulam is:

  •  Strong  high specification laminates make high strength Glulam.
  •  Stiff  resulting in small deflections.
  •  Consistent  quality assured production process.
  •  Stable  good dimensional stability and consistent sizing.
  •  Reliable  elimination of the drying splits/shakes common in solid timber.
  •  Long  available in 12m lengths.
  •  Straight  no twist even with large sections and longer lengths.

These characteristics make Glulam ideal for use as trimmers, beams, purlins, rim boards, columns and lintels, etc. In many instances Glulam can be used to replace steel elements making installation and fixing easier.

Jacksons Timber currently supplies JJ-Glulam as part of the JJI-Joist system. JJ-Glulam is a custom made high specification product in sizes to compliment the JJI-Joist range, with depths ranging from 195mm to 450mm and widths of 38mm, 45mm and 90mm, however other sizes and grades are available to special order.


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