Carcassing timber is timber processed for use in structural applications, such as roof battens, floor or roof joists, it can also be used in many other applications both internally and externally.

We have a wide range of carcassing timber to suit different building projects.

C16 Timber

C16 graded timber allows for a number of defects that may reduce the overall strength of the wood, such as grain deviations and wanes, as well as an unlimited amount of superficial defects that do not affect the strength of the wood, such as blue sap stains and the like. C16 is the most widely used timber in the UK as it is strong enough to be used in most applications and is the most cost effective timber option.

C24 Timber

C24 boards have fewer defects than C16 graded timber and the timber is therefore stronger and more resilient than C16 boards. You will also find that C24 boards have a more uniformed and neat appearances as there are fewer physical imperfections on the surface of the board.

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