We specialise in supplying pre-treated softwood, dual pattern grove decking, to both trade and retail customers.

We also supply hardwood decking, composite decking, softwood cladding, hardwood cladding and composite cladding.

To complement our decking range, we also offer:

Handrails, Baserails, Newel Posts and Spindles



Cut 0.9m 1.3m 1.5m 3.0m 3.6m 4.2m 4.8m 5.4m 6.0m
Softwood 38mm x 125mm (Finished size 32mm x 120mm)
32x78mm x 3.6M Green Treated Decking Hand Rail. (Grooved 10mm x 43mm)
32x78mm x 3.6M Green Treated Decking Base Rail. (Grooved 10mm x 43mm)
10x41mm x 3.6M Green Treated Hand/Base Rail Fillet
41x41mm x 0.9M GREEN TREATED Square Decking Spindle
41x41mm x 0.9M GREEN TREATED Turned Decking Spindle
82x82mm x 1.3M & 1.5M GREEN TREATED Square Decking Newel Post
82x82mm x 1.3M GREEN TREATED Turned Decking Newel Post & Ball Cap
Stainless Steel Decking Handrail Bracket Kit. C/W 4 Brackets + 16 Screws

Composite Decking

Legna composite decking has a textured deep grain – perfectly imitating natural timber grain
an ideal replacement for timber decking.

Ensuring environmentally conscious design Legna boards are made from 95% reclaimed hardwood fibres and recycled HDPE plastic which combine to create a high quality synthetic material engineered to be low maintenance, long lasting and extremely durable.

Legna decking boards are 23mm x 138mm x 3600mm and are installed with a 5mm hidden fixing t-clip. Once installed with the t-clip the coverage of the board is 143mm.

Please contact your nearest branch for more info & samples.

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Composite Decking


Cut 0.9m 1.3m 1.5m 3.0m 3.6m 4.2m 4.8m 5.4m 6.0m
LEGNA 23mm x 138mm x 3.6m Embossed Composite Decking Board (Colours: Black/Brown/Grey)
LEGNA 42mm x 6mm x 3.6m Composite Angle Trim (Colours: Black/Brown/Grey)
 LEGNA 150mm x 15mm x 3.6m Embossed Flat Trim (Colours: Black/Brown/Grey)
 LEGNA 63mm Coloured Screws (Colours: Black/Brown/Grey)
LEGNA Hidden T Clips Including Screws
LEGNA Locking Clips, 1 Per Board
LEGNA Start & Finish Clips
LEGNA Square Drive Screw Tool