We stock PSE (Plained Square Edge) or PAR (Plained All Round) depending on what you call it, offering a great range of joinery grade timbers and suitable for a range of carpentry projects.

Ex 25 x 50mm 3m+
Ex 25 x 75mm 3m+
Ex 25 x 100mm 3m+
Ex 25 x 125mm 3m+
Ex 25 x 150mm 3m+
Ex 25 x 175mm 3m+
Ex 25 x 200mm 3m+
Ex 25 x 225mm 3m+
Ex 38 x 225mm 3m+
Ex 38 x 275mm 3m+
Ex 50 x 50mm 3m+
Ex 50 x 75mm 3m+
Ex 50 x 100mm 3m+
Ex 50 x 150mm 3m+
Ex 75 x 75mm 3m+
Ex 75 x 100mm 3m+
Ex 100 x 100mm 3m+
32f x 106mm Casing Stock 3m+
32f x 132mm Casing Stock 3m+
32f x 156mm Casing Stock 3m+